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Range Officer Training

Interested in becoming a Range Officer?


This book covers general range supervision, operations and safety it does not cover the conduct of discipline specific matches or events. 

This policy seeks to formalise not only the expectations of Range Officers, but to clarify the responsibility of Branches and Affiliate Clubs when selecting and authorising Range Officers.

The position of SSAA NSW Range Officer (RO) is one of responsibility and importance.


The safe conduct of all shooting activities and the running of approved ranges depend upon the knowledge, ability and people skills of these hard working individuals.

Range Officers are a special breed of shooter; they volunteer their time, endeavour to help their fellow shooters; both new and experienced, and are expected to be role models and ambassadors of our great sport. If this sound like you, you can register your interest in training as a range officer by click the button below.


It is the responsibility of individual Branches and Affiliate Clubs to choose and authorise their Range Officers.


A Range Officer must have the desired level of firearms safety knowledge, and the ability to communicate with others to be successful.


The Branch or Affiliate Club committee must be satisfied that the candidate has the knowledge and ability to do the job competently, confidently and above all safely.


To become a SSAA NSW Range Officer, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • hold a current NSW Firearms Licence for the genuine reason of ‘Target’;

  • be endorsed by their SSAA NSW Branch or Affiliate Club;

  • have the ability to communicate well with others; and

  • be a financial member of SSAA.

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