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New Kitchen for Coolamatong Range

In July 2021, Craig Parker, (then secretary) and John Gibson (then president) for SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch, submitted a grant application to SSAA NSW for replacement of the range kitchen facilities.

The executive committee received notification at the end of 2022 that the grant application had been successful and that funding in the amount of $31,335 (inc GST) for the kitchen replacement will be provided with SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch contributing the remaining $4,118.50.

The new kitchen will be designed and constructed by Aus Food Truck Pty Ltd based on a 4.0m x 2.4m x 2.4m trailer frame with removable drawbar. It will occupy the position of the existing kitchen and have facilities as laid out in the floorplan below:

On behalf of SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch Inc, I would like to congratulate Craig Parker and John Gibson for their efforts in submitting the successful grant application in July 2021 and express our significant appreciation to SSAA (NSW) for their continuing support of this range by approving the grant for this project.

Funding is due to be received this week and we will then request that the construction of the trailer commence. Once delivery is underway, we will arrange a working bee for demolition of the existing kitchen and clearing of the slab for the new kitchen.

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