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SRPC Merges Under SSAA Snowy River Branch Inc

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

At the request of the SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch Inc and the Snowy River Pistol Club Inc committee, Katherine Millen at SSAA NSW provided a recommendation on the process to merge the pistol club under SSAA SRB Inc as a branch pistol club.

At the Snowy River Pistol Club (SRPC) AGM held on 14 May 2022, the Committee voted on a resolution to proceed with the recommendation as follows:

  • That the club apply for a voluntary cancellation of the Snowy River Pistol Club incorporation with the Department of Fair Trading.

  • That the pistol club operate as a subcommittee under N14 SSAA Snowy River Branch Inc as a fully functional branch pistol club.

  • That the branch pistol club’s peak association be changed from NSW Amateur Pistol Association to SSAA NSW with the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry.

The resolution carried and the process is now currently under way.

The primary benefits for doing this is:

  • simplification of club management

  • one committee to rule us all - branch committee has additional positions to cover handgun requirements.

  • Simplification of annual financial and attendance reporting.

  • Coordinated communications across the entire branch.

  • Standardised membership

Scott Goudie


SSAA (NSW) Snowy River Branch Inc



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